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why we started Jian

August 1, 2023

Growing up, as a Chinese-American, my mom always had jars of herbs and homemade remedies in the pantry for every ailment. As I grew older and took my wellbeing into my own hands, I often resorted to Western medicine. I found myself often struggling with the side effects of those prescriptions and started seeking natural, holistic solutions.

However, as I started returning to the practices that I grew up with, I realized that there was a lack of awareness and accessibility for these solutions on the market. Jian (健) comes from the phrase jiàn kāng(健康), which means health and wellness in Chinese. At Jian, we hope to create a platform and products to share knowledge and resources around holistic wellness practices.

At Jian, we believe in supply chain transparency and responsibly sourced ingredients from around the world. We prioritize building trusted relationships with our partners to provide high-quality, clean, and sustainable ingredients that you can fully trace.

Sophia Cheng (founder of Jian)